Welcome To My #Planet

Greetings Barzeekielitez welcome to my world.#PlanetBarz.is a green heaven where the

best music ever heard is created.Beautiful Bootilicious women of all creeds, colors, and

nationalities subside.It is governed by the coolest , realest , Rapgod known as #BARZEEKIEL.Barz-which I spit! flawlessly – Zeekiel: means christian Arch-Angel.

These elements combined makes me a *Supreme Lyrikal Super-Saiyin* & any who dare

oppose shall be oblitherated!!!! All beings are welcome and once you follow this site you gain assylum & become.#BARZEEKIELITEZ.👽👽👽. What are Barzeekielitez? -are far-out

individuals who think from beyond the norm, thus you see the alien symbol👽.Barzeekielitez follow Barzeekiel , and share everything he does and posts on thier

socialmedia platforms.We are a viral nation who will continue to spread Barzeekiel content until the entire UNIVERSE knows of Barzeekiel ‘s existence. I appreciate all

who have already joined my world + ask that you keep on reposting,liking,& sharing my music ,blog-posts, + media.stay tuned for the next wave . (ShareThisPost)


Welcome To Planet Barz Realm of Barzeekielitez👽👽👽


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