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Welcome To Planet Barz Realm of Barzeekielitez👽👽👽


Could you imagine a world where it is daylight 24/7? Welcome                                                         to (Exoplanet-131399Ab). A new world discovered by SPHERE:                                                     ( Spectro-Polarimetric High-Contrast Exoplanet Research instrument).                                     Which detected heat signatures of 850 kelvins – about 1,070 degrees                                             Fahrenheit, meaning it is quite cold! ”buurrrrrrrr”. Even though for                                           approximately 140 Earth years the planet is in constant daylight due to it’s                               three suns.

Kind of really makes you appreciate our SUN and the heat generated  from it,that you complain about every summer. Exoplanet-131399Ab is estimated to be about 16-million years old, and about 340 lightyears from Earth found in the                                      CENTAURUS-CONSTELLATION.

Barzeekiel Digital World exoplanet 131399ab photo

Strange New World


The warthog a-10 and it’s irreplaceable gun (30mm GAU-8 Avenger rotary canon).With it’s large unswept high aspect ratio wing & large ailerons gives it excellent low speed and low altitude manueverability that is perfect for accurately hitting ground targets.The wing also allows for short take offs and landings.With it’s twin (TF-34-GE-100) engines producing 9000lbs of thrust each.Positioned and centered to protect it from foreign objects flyiing upward, while directing it’s exaust over the tailplane,helping to sheild them from detection by infrared surface-to-air-missiles.Strategically placed close together makes for easy maintainin flight controle should  in any event that one of it’s engines fail.The A-10’s cockpit and a portion of it’s flight controle system are protected by 1,200 pounds of titanium armor,which is called (the bathtub).The bathtub can withstand direct hits from armor piercing projectiles up to 23mm.The front windscreen & canopy are both resistant to small arms fire! meaning that you can not run up waving an  ak-47 + thinking you can shoot it’s pilot thru the glass,nope sorry.